Easy Zen Minimalist Meditation Application

Easy-Zen helps people easily enter meditation practice without stealing your attention.
Simple and purposeful.

Simple and Quality Meditations

I wanted a tool that would allow for proper meditation practice anywhere, anytime and would support practice instead of trying to hook me up. So I created Easy-Zen.  


Simple design and limited number of quality recording allows for clear practice

Habit Building

Easily control your daily goal of meditation - 5 minutes and 20 minutes

Religious Free

Our recordings are based on attention management only. You won't find there any affirmations or religious references.

No attention stealing

Easy Zen is your servant, not the way around. And it will help you in practice only, it won't get you hooked up in app.

Quality Recordings

In app you'll find 3 studio quality guided meditation recordings for practice. Easy, Medium and Intermediate.

Still evolving

I'm still working on Easy-Zen, so we encourage you to give us feedback. We aim to make small yet meaningful changes.

Designed for minimalism

Quality Recordings

Easy, Medium and Intermediate

Minutes Minimum Daily Goal

Emergency goal for busy days

Minutes Daily Goal

Default daily goal

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has huge impact on our brain and body. Here are most common benefits from meditation practice: 

– Reduce stress in your life (ref)
– Reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts and obsessive-compulsive behaviors and panic attacks (ref)
– Decreases depression symptoms (ref, ref)
– Improve self-awareness (ref, ref)
– Increase attention span and improve focus (ref, ref)


Freya Sanz
Mark Ficher
Mr. America
Diana Burnwood